Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mask of the day.

The foil stickers that come with the gunpla kit, it usually bundle with 1/144 model kit due to lack of color separation. Seasoned gunpla modeller usually just ignore them, because it is thick, the color is not very good and it will come of eventually.

However I try to put this sticker sheet into good use, as a masking tools. I need to prime the model kit with surfacer and airbrush it with lacquer paint. For the demo, I will use a HGUC 1/144 GM-III.
prime the knee cap

airbrushed the knee cap with red

apply the red sticker

airbrush the part again with black. peel of the sticker within 24hours. then the right hand side is the end result.

This technique is useful when come to masking complicated area. And due to it low-tack of the sticker it will not peel off the paint easily, provide the model kit is primed, airbrushed with lacquer base paint and remove the sticker within 24 hours. I have not try this technique with hand paint, acrylic and enamel paint. So, try it at your own risk.

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